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When your pet is sick, diagnostic testing is an important complement to a thorough physical examination and your observation of what’s happening with your pet at home. All of these help us to obtain an accurate diagnosis, which in turn leads to more successful treatment of your pet.

In-House Laboratory Suite

Our modern laboratory equipment allows us to quickly run tests on blood and urine samples from your pet in order to assess blood counts, organ functions, and abnormalities of the urinary system. We also offer a microscopic assessment of samples from lumps and bumps, fluids, skin lesions and ear debris, to aid in the diagnosis of tumors, abscesses, cysts, ear infections, skin disease and more. For tests not available in-clinic, we utilize a reference laboratory with a rapid turn-around time.

Diagnostic Radiology

Radiographic imaging (x-rays) of the chest, abdomen, and skeletal system aids in the diagnosis of:

  • cardiac and respiratory disease
  • gastrointestinal disorders
  • changes in liver, kidney and spleen, and the urinary bladder
  • orthopedic conditions such as dysplasia, fractures, and bone cancer


Ultrasound is a non-invasive way to image the internal structure of organs. Whereas radiographs (x-rays) show the shape, size and contours of organs, ultrasound shows the internal architecture which can indicate cysts or tumors inside the organ. Ultrasound can also show accumulations in the abdomen or within organs (i.e. pyometra is fluid within the uterus), and calcifications like urinary stones.

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